Weight Loss

Have you tried everything to lose weight?
Why do you want to lose weight?
Are you ‘pre’ diabetic? Does your energy level go up and down? Does your weight depress you or make you feel self-conscious?
Have you tried everything to lose weight before, to no avail? There is a reason for this; wouldn’t you like to know what it is so you can reach your ideal weight?
The Holistic Health Center of Savannah is different!
Our bodies work as a whole system, extra weight is not an isolated issue. We can test your body for an array of different issues that might be the reasons behind your weight gain; metabolism, endocrine dysfunctions, blood sugar and inflammatory issues are just to name a few.
If you want a quick loss program with stimulants or gimmicks, we are not a good fit for you. Why is that? We target the root cause of your weight gain; we will assess your metabolism and help you achieve the results you want! Frankly, a stimulant pill is quicker and easier; however, our process lasts longer and works with your body’s systems to restore health.
Unlike many other clinics, we do not calorie count or give you points for eating and exercising. Our services are not just another fad. What we have to offer is much bigger than that! After all, since health is multifaceted, you must be healthy to lose weight.
Don’t raise your risk for diabetes, fertility issues, high blood pressure, or stroke any longer. We can help you achieve whole-body wellness!