Lab and Diagnostic Testing

Dr. John Hargrove DC can assess and structure an optimal plan to help restore your body’s function. We often utilize urine, blood, and saliva lab testing to evaluate function of an individual as well as a thorough evaluation of symptoms and lifestyle patterns. Most common tests include
Female and male hormone panel
Adrenal stress index panel
Intestinal functional panel
Toxicity questionnaire
Enzyme assessment
Thyroid testing
Leaky gut test
DHEA and Vitamin D testing
These tests have become powerful tools in evaluating a patient’s health, stress, and sleep related problems, male/female hormone related complains, and gastrointestinal dysfunction.
According to Dr. Janet Lang, Restorative Endocrinology™ is a method of reintroducing patient and practitioner to their self-healing design and empowering them with tools to evaluate and restore balance in a return to wellness. Specifically, we use testing methods to establish the individual hormonal and metabolic pattern of a patient. One can then identify the most appropriate, effective, and least invasive method for restoring and sustaining endocrine balance. Provided with the proper physical and lifestyle support a personal will respond rapidly, and normal endocrine function can return.
Protocols include lifestyle management, whole food nutritional supplements, and high quality herbal supplements.