Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment is an option to improve how you feel, how your body moves, and how you age. The better your body and frame can move without pain, the easier it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many of our patients come to Dr. Hargrove experiencing one of the following conditions, but choose to return periodically to maintain increased capacity for exercise, activities, and a pain free lifestyle.
Chiropractic care offers effective relief from
Sports injuries
Physical discomfort during pregnancy
Trips, falls, and slips
Physical over use
Migraines and regular headaches
Car accidents
Other medical problems
Post surgeries
We focus on prevention as well as rehabilitation of an injury. As Dr. John has said, “Nothing is more rewarding than being able to help a patient prevent a costly surgery such as carpal tunnel surgery or knee surgery.”

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine encompasses recognizing the cause, prevention, and treatment of chronic conditions, not merely the symptoms. Modern functional medicine utilizes specialized diagnostic and lab procedures often overlooked by traditional medicine. Functional medicine labs look to establish an accurate assessment of your current physiology and how your organ systems are functioning in relationship to each other. Too often, doctors treat the part and not the person; this is not the case with modern functional medicine.
Functional medicine can benefit you if are suffering from or have interest in
Gluten sensitivity and testing
Functional thyroid testing
Food sensitivity testing
Weight loss
Prenatal nutritional counseling
Infertility issues arising from hormone imbalance
Hormone imbalance testing
Headaches and migraines